Episode 89

The new-new architecture


February 18th, 2021

54 mins

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Chris skipped his normal pre-podcast prep and is trying to make up for it. Amos wants to know more about what Chris does to prep; a topic which is interesting to literally no one. Quotes are missatributed as the hosts turn to the main topic of the week: What makes for good design.

Chris claims to have a specific design sense but has no idea if its a good sense or not. Both he and Amos agree that consistency is important and that software developers should always be working to making the design of a system a little bit better. But, that work also seems hard and its way more fun to play around with Istio or whatever.

A transcript is available for this episode on Binary Noggin's website: https://binarynoggin.com/blog/episode-89-the-new-new-architecture/

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