Episode 68

Impedance Mismatch

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Chris is doing a lot of blocking and tackling, which, it turns out, isn’t about pulleys. For the purposes of this discussion, blocking and tackling means adding telemetry events to elixir projects. Neither Amos or Chris want to be the ones who have to work out these details and would rather play with chatbots.

The main topic this week is abstractions. Chris thinks that the same people who misuse phrases like “Impedance mismatch” also misuse terms like “abstraction,” but he also admits that he’s wrong about everything he says. The guys talk about the differences between abstraction and encapsulation. In the end, Chris only wants to write SQL queries and run them.

Somehow the conversation devolves into comparisons between type systems. Chris has a moment of self-awareness, then regresses to standing on soapboxes and shaking his fist at the clouds.

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