Episode 28

Devoid of joy


January 20th, 2019

32 mins 43 secs

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4th wall break

Hey y’all it’s Chris. Just wanted you to know that we had a bunch of technical issues with this call. Both mine and Anna’s recordings were corrupted somehow. We’re still looking into why. Because of this the audio quality changes at around the 20 minute mark. We fell back to using the zoom call audio which we typically only use as a reference for lining up all of the other tracks. I just wanted you to know in case you’re sensitive to that kinda thing.


This week kicks off with a discussion of the holidays, the plight of climate change, and the impending loss of Florida. Amos steers the conversation back towards elixir and his experience building a shell for his current client. Chris describe’s his current experience writing Rust. While he acknowledges that Rust is a good language he doesn’t feel like Rust elevates the paradigm of programming enough. Amos asks the other hosts what they look for in packages or libraries. This leads to a discussion of how to design deeper apis while leveraging stateless operations. Chris explains how they’re using stateless patterns in vapor.

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