Episode 105

Sports of Sorts


December 16th, 2021

38 mins 23 secs

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On today’s episode of the Elixir Outlaws, Sean Cribbs and Amos King are going to talk about Sports of Sorts. Amos shares some driving wisdom and his fondness for silent thoughts. Sean and Amos will share some random and interesting experiences.

Episode Highlights:
Amos reveals how he developed his creativity and problem-solving skills from driving.
Sean has recently resigned from his job, and he is about to join a new company after 12 days.
As per Sean, one spends a lot of your time sleeping because their dreams help them to work through problems
Amos loves jogging around the river next to the hotel early in the morning when nobody is up. For him, it is nice and quiet.
Brittany Matthews is a co-owner of the women's soccer team. She has been big in promoting women’s sports in Kansas City, but especially soccer, and Patrick and Brittany broke ground on a new training center earlier this year. Then, three or four weeks ago, they revealed their new team name.
The stadium is first of its kind for the women’s soccer team, which is huge because this team has only been here a year. They just announced that they were going to have a team this January 2021.
For those not in Kansas City, the streetcar is absolutely free , which is really awesome with all the buses because buses are free too. So you can go anywhere for free in Kansas City.
We have one of the best women soccer players in Samuels who has been on the national team. An Incredible midfielder, dynamic player, and she is going be exciting to watch, says Sean.
While talking about the new company where Sean is going to join. He explains that the company is doing motion graphics or motion design.
People really want the ability to collaborate to provide feedback on designs, work on different iterations, compare them, and build out a portfolio for you, says Sean.
There are multiple companies out there called Fable, so if you want to go look it up, it is Fable, not Fable dot IO, not fable com. It is the Fable Dot app. It is one of those easy, easy ones to find.
Amos says he doesn’t know how possible it would be, but it would be interesting if, two designers could work on the same like image or animation at the same time, doing the same kind of ideas of passing changes back and forth.
Part of the reason why Sean’s friend wanted to hire him is because he has distributed systems experience, where all the bodies are buried, where all the problems are gonna be like what if we want to have real time collaboration or like something like Miro where people are dragging things around on the on the project at the same time.
What always kills me on the front end in the browser, or even if you are compiling and making things faster, is that you really have zero control over the quality of the computer it is running on and the problems like the interactions between the things, says Amos.
Sean says that they are going to write C+ code because it was mostly C code, but using the C ++compiler and very few features of C and like the Windows API and like working with it directly to build a 2D kind of Zelda light game.
Sean says that the JavaScript community is huge. You have a lot of people experience in JavaScript. It doesn’t take that many of them to make a good customization.
Amos shares that his first editor for code other than the QBasic editor was Emacs and that was 22 years ago.
Amos says that his first experience with C not running everywhere was in an AI class and they had to write a chess engine and then they all played the developed chess engines against each other.
Sean says there is a bytecode format that you can take from running on a Intel being VM and run it on an ARM beam VM or on some other processor that is running your nerves project.

3 Key Points
Those of you who don’t know anything about Kansas City, but Patrick Mahomes is a big deal here quarterback for the Chiefs and his fiance Brittany Matthews is kind of influential in her own.
Sean says that Figma has changed the way people do collaborate on static web design, this is going to be collaboration on motion design. Motion design would include things like just regular animations you might see on the web. It could include things like advertisements, logo, animations.
There are a lot of different ways that we could do collaborate. Another area that he talked about us wanting to do is so a lot of this is like you do in the browser, You draw your shapes, you animate them you set the keyframes, you know you set all that stuff up. But that only produces us a level of quality that the browser can produce. But if you want to do 4K video of this animation that you just created, you are not going to produce that with your browser, says Sean.

Tweetable Quotes
“I am a big fan of silent thoughts” – Sean
“When they introduce the team that the players that are going to start for the match. They had some incredible motion designs on the video board.“- Sean
“It is not movies, it is more about the animation than about video editing. It is like making an animated logo.” - Sean
“There are some pretty interesting problems how to isolate yourself from these, they are doing something very quick and then suddenly they open another program on their desktop, but that hangup.” – Amos
“90% of your life was spent formatting exactly how that professor wanted it formatted, which is like a huge waste of time.” - Amos

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